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Wed, Jun. 19th, 2002, 01:26 am
michellio: Dear Fellow Stalk-ees,

Hello from Michelle (otherwise known as michellio) and Rachel (otherwise known as lildrummergrrl). We are both currently being stalked (although not by the same person), and it's SCARY AS HELL!!

That's why we created this community, so we could talk about our stalkers and feel safe. We want YOU to feel safe too, that's why there are a few rules here in the Feeling Stalked community.

(1) First of all, no stalkers allowed. If you are a stalker, go away. We will be able to tell when we read your e-mail, so don't even bother. (Actually, we won't be able to tell, so please don't be mean and e-mail anyway and trick us into letting a stalker into our non-stalker community. Please.)

(2) When you post entries, PLEASE make them FRIENDS ONLY. Some of us have stalkers who read our journals, which is why we want to be able to write freely in this community about them. So please help in our effort to make EVERYTHING that goes into this community PRIVATE, only to be read by others who are stalked.

(3) This community is closed for a reason. What we talk about stays private. If the stalker in question has a livejournal, you don't go telling them that so-and-so is talking crap about them behind their back. This is serious shit, and we're serious about this rulle. None of that. If you can't keep a secret, don't even bother e-mailing Michelle and asking to be admitted.

(4) This community is about telling stories, listening, and giving advice. It's about sharing and helping. It is NOT about shit. We don't want shit here, so take your shit and leave it at home. Do not post mean entries against another member and DO NOT PUT YOUR FUCKING QUIZ RESULTS IN OUR JOURNAL. Such entries as the aforementioned will promptly be deleted, and we will discuss whether or not to kick your ass out.

Okay, sorry. We didn't mean for that last part to sound so bitchy. But being stalked has made us paranoid, antisocial, and yes just the slightest bit bitchy. It's not our faults. We didn't ASK to be stalked. Neither did you. And we know this. So give us an e-mail and let us know your situation.

Michelle & Rachel